Octpber 2018 Mission News


Tom & Lynn Suchy are missionaries with Reach Global in Mongolia. From their recent email: “Over our next 6 months in Mongolia we want to use our time effectively. We desire very much that the Lord make our efforts fruitful so we greatly need your prayers. Our main goal is to strengthen our brothers and sisters in their faith in Christ as the Lord provides opportunities. Our six major tasks aaare as follows:”
- Translating the Community Bible Reading journal into
- Tseggi’s Before & After School Child Care Service in Yuruu -
This opened recently.
- Help the Root of Blessing church develop a strategy for reproducing groups of Christians throughout Ulaanbaatar (the city in which they live).
- Helping establish the Mongolian EFC
- Finishing up Lynn’s book about the Mongolian Bible
translation controversy and terms for God.
Be sure to pray for these needs!

Tacoma Rescue Mission
The TRM is open 365 days a year. They provide the following services for needy people including families.
+ Emergency shelter including lockers, showers, laundry services, hot breakfasts and dinners.
+ Case Management
+ Bible Studies
+ Resource Board which includes jobs, housing, medical
access, transportation
+ Search and rescue ministry – 3 nights a week their team
Goes out to various homeless camps and offers hot coffee, sack lunches, hygiene items and blankets. They pray with
People and invite them back to the Mission
Please pray and give to this very needed ministry. They are filled to
Capacity every night. Pray for the director, Duke Palson, the staff and the many volunteers who serve at the mission.