March 2019 Mission News

Ernest and Effie Dyck have had a forty year ministry with the EFCA Reach Global. For many years the Dycks ministered in Venezuela but were brought home when the country became unsafe. Currently they are living in Oregon and communicating with countries in Latin America and the Caribbean via Skype and on-site training.
In their recent email (posted on the missions bulletin board) they shared pictures and information on their visit to Honduras. Praise the Lord, starting last September, with one couple in one city, this network now reaches four cities with missionaries being trained. Pray as they are setting up a ministry path for
next year.
Last September during their previous visit, Effie was very involved with helping set up a VBS outreach. Effie coached and encouraged the women through the process. In Honduras, school vacation time is December-January so the VBS was scheduled for that time. About 300 kids attended! Please pray as Effie will continue to meet “virtually” with the women leaders
as they oversee follow-up and begin the process for another event.
Please pray for Ernest and Effie for safety and the extra finances needed for their travels.

* Remember that a special offering is taken the last Sunday of each month and given as a gift to our Missionariesof the month.