May 27, 2018 Announce,emts

So, today is another PRAISE AND TESTIMONY SERVICE. Since this is Memorial Day weekend, the theme is “Remembering the Past.” Have you been thinking and praying about God’s works in the past? Are you now ready to share your thoughts today with the rest of us for all of our encouragement? It will be good. Thanks.

Prayer Family for the week: Maria King (and family).

Want to be part of a ministry that helps to make a difference in our community? Bridges of Love NW is looking for volunteers to serve
as receptionists and answer phones from 9 a.m. to noon Monday through Thursday (one or all of the days). It involves some data entry. If interested call 253-468-6236. Thanks.

God shows us in the Bible that memorials have their place
They remind us of God’s care of us and His amazing grace.
A memorial of creation is the day of rest for man,
He placed it in His commandments as part of His great plan.
When God’s people left Egypt after God had made it known
He who watched over Israel was Almighty God and God alone
He preserved Israel’s firstborn with a Passover celebration
That brought them out of slavery, re-established them as a nation.
When Israel crossed the Red Sea, a miracle of God’s power
He wanted them to remember what happened in that hour
So He had them gather stones, build a monument to God
To remind them of His mighty power so they could give Him laud
And when Jesus celebrated Passover with His chosen few
It became a treasured memorial for all of us, too,
To help us remember just how He died for our sins
The memorial of how our new life begins
So we celebrate Memorial Day to remember heroes of the past,
Who gave their lives to give us earthly freedom that would last.

2018 General Funds Monthly Budget………………...12,733.00
General Funds total for May, 2018……………………..7,895.60