June 17, 2018 Announcements

Next Sunday, June 24, our new “church photographer”, Andy,
will be taking some pictures of the church for promotional purposes. He is looking for volunteers to stand outside and
pose following the service. If you can help, let him know. Thanks.

Come anytime between 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. LUNCH will be served at noon. Enjoy the laughter and friendship! This is just
a time to sit and visit OR bring a project to work on…it’s your choice.
NO RULES, the goal is just to be together. Bring a snack or some food to share. Questions? Call Susan I. (253-471-7898).

Also Coming.
Saturday, July 7, 11 A.M. – 1 P.M. – Dietzels’ renewal of Wedding Vows at Betty Middleton’s.

Want to Help Your Church Family? Looking for someone to help coordinate the coffee and goodies on Sunday mornings. If you can help, please talk to Susan S., Maria, or Pastor Jim. Thanks.

Prayer Family for the Week
: Judie Lindstrom.

Flowers in bloom of every kind
Somehow this brings to mind
God’s infinite creativity
No one’s like you, no one’s like me.
And God wants every single one
To help get His glorious work done
So let’s not compete or compare,
Let’s just get the job done, do our share.
What a privilege it is
To do His work, to be His.

2018 General Funds Monthly Budget………………...12,733.00
General Funds for June, 2018…………………………..3,794.29