05/13/2018 Announcements

F.Y.I. – Today is another Ask-the-Pastor Sunday. As we celebrate mothers and families the subject is How Can I Influence My Family Members for Christ? If you have other questions of Bible interpretation or Christian living that you would like addressed, write them down, give them to Pastor Jim, and he will schedule some other Sundays in the future to answer them.

Come anytime between 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. LUNCH will be served at noon.
Enjoy the laughter and friendship! This is just
a time to sit and visit OR bring a project to work on…it’s your
NO RULES, the goal is to be together. Bring a snack or some food to share. Questions? Call Susan I. (253-471-7898).

Want to be part of a ministry that helps to make a difference in our community? Bridges of Love NW is looking for volunteers to serve
as receptionists and answer phones from 9 a.m. to noon Monday through Thursday (one or all of the days). It involves some data entry. If interested call 253-468-6236. Thanks.

Prayer Family for the week: Janna, Diane, Basanti & Scott Johnson.

Mothers give us our first taste of what love is all about
They give to us their constant care that we could not live without
They feed us, and clean us, and keep us warm and dry
They cuddle us, hold us, and find out why we cry
When we’re sick or hurting and cannot sleep
They stay with us faithfully, their loving watch to keep
As we grow older they share wisdom they have learned.
And help us find the way to goals for which we’ve yearned
Thank you, God, for giving us such dedicated love
That reminds us of the priceless love You send us from above.

2018 General Funds Monthly Budget………………..12,733.00