11-05-2017 Announcements

Of Special Note: On Sun, Nov. 19, there will be a Membership Meeting following the morning service so that we can vote on
five new candidates for membership. Love to have your input.
Any questions? Talk to Mark or Pastor.

to all who donated items for the Rescue Mission. They
will be greatly appreciated by the people who receive them.

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD shoeboxes are due by next Sunday, November 12th. During the worship service next week
we will pray over the boxes and for the children who will receive

Have you found it? Have you looked at some of the latest
information on it? It is our church web site. Check it out at PAEFC.com

Each year has its season, we all agree
And each life does too, just look and see
We need the spring, its rising energy
And the summer with all its great beauty
Fall shows colors bright and rare
With the forecast of winter in the air
Winter brings a season of slower activity
A time to rest and plan for immortality
The falling leaves declare Your glory,
Another page in Creation’s story.
The leaves change color, they fall and then
They wither and die to live again
As food for what will grow in the spring.
God, You just take care of everything.

2017 General Fund Budget……..………………..…..….12,521.55
October Total General Funds ……..…………………….11,580.66